What Does Seeing a Large Black Butterfly Mean?

"A butterfly that’s larger than the average specimen always symbolises a greater, more profound message. The black butterfly is elusive – it’s rare and full of mystery. It carries the beautiful and powerful energy of life-changing transformation, individuality and uniqueness.

It’s a symbol of rebirth, recreation and more importantly the ‘death’ of anything misfortunate. It represents freedom of the mind, body and spirit."

"Charlotte X"

black butterfly.jpg

Capture the Beauty

This picture was taken in Piney Point Maryland (@Island Inn & Suites, Ascend Hotel Collection) on my anniversary weekend.  The smallest of things bring so much happiness .  The sunset was so beautiful that you could not help but stop and take a time out to appreciate such beauty (@Island Inn & Suites, Ascend Hotel Collection)

sunset at Piney Point.jpeg